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The Group

The entire production process of each brand is developed in the infrastructures of the Portuguese Torre Fashion Group, from product design, planning, production and finally, the logistical process of dispatch. We work together and strategically with our partners to ensure the best services and delivery timings. Our experience, our expertise and specialized know-how allow us to continuously develop the entire process. Strengths that have proved to be a pillar in the development and growth of the group’s presence in the European market, during the last 45 years.


In 1975 the history of this Portuguese Industry begins with three partners – A tailor, salesman and manager, the perfect combination to start a company specializing in the production and promotion of men’s clothing. The company settled in a village in the interior of the country (Colmeal da Torre), close to the city that was known as the Portuguese Manchester (Covilhã). One of the founders was born in this small village that had no industry at all. So, in an attempt to promote local employment and regional development, this was the perfect location to create a company that was not at the centre of the textile industry, but at the same time took advantage of all its synergies.

Made of People

Luís Pina Soares, João Luís Pina and José Pereira were the 3 Founders with 29 employees in 1975. In 2000, Gonçalo Soares, Luís Pina Soares’ son, joined the company and is now the CEO. The company has almost 400 employees, of which 75% are women and 23% are under 35 years old. Throughout Europe there are subsidiaries and a sales network to develop and increase the company’s impact in the men’s fashion business. After 45 years of experience, it has specialized teams for the development of each of its brands and markets, without losing sight of the detail and the customized solution for each client.

Made of Moments

In 1975, Torre establishes a factory in Colmeal da Torre, Belmonte, Portugal. The opening of its own branches and internalization marked in 1977. It is in 1993 that the company designs and launches its first own collection TORRE and it is in 2001 that the brand is registered as European and its development begins. In 2005 the company created the ceremony brands ROBERTO VICENTTI and THOMAS PINA to conquer the bride and groom market. In 2013, the internationalization of brands is reinforced. After five years, in 2018, the company is congratulated with the EUROPEAN BUSINESS PROMOTION AWARD. 2019 becomes a revolutionary year for the company, which develops a B2B platform for customers. 2020 is a challenging year (covid-19) but the company does not lower its arms and launches a new brand in the ceremony market – JAVIER ARNAIZ.

Making the Future

The vision is to reinforce each of its brands internationally, improving the quality of products. For this, the company: invests more and more in machines with the latest technology, develops the online business, strengthens its internal structure, and consolidates the relationship with customers by offering partnerships.