Privacy policys

Last Update: 12 de Junho de 2018

The presented policy allows this website user to identify the required data by the company Torre – Sociedade de Confecções, SA and understands its use. The user trusts us with confidential information, as for it, he must read this.

The data collection is done by the fulfillment of contact forms (name, e-mail, contact) and cookies.

The information shared with us will be authorized in its use, associated to one contact form and still, with the required authorization asked on an initial phase (cookies politics) when you enter in our website.

The user who shares with us personal information has always the right to request it removed or changed, requiring it by sending an e-mail to . Torre – Sociedade de confeccoes, SA compromises to answer changing requirements, in 15 days after its recepction. We would require your permission before using information for other endings that aren’t referred in this politics policy. We guarantee not to provide your data to third parties, only if you authorize ourselves.

When the company receives formal and written claims, the company compromises itself to contact the claiming author, in order to accompany the case. We work together with Data Protection’s appropriate regulatory authorities – to the ones we will resort in cases they can’t be solved between the user and the company.

This privacy policy will be updated when legally required, always required/needed and defined, without neglecting your rights. If the changes are significant, they will be exclusively communicated between other means, like for example, newsletters.

Cookies Policy

Our company uses the information received intermediated by cookies, in order to better the user’s experience.

Cookies are little text archives, unique and anonymous, whose have relevant information, uploaded in your computer or mobile device, through your browser, stored in file folders. They collect generic information that transmit user’s preferences in what respects the use of our website/web page.

In sum, cookies allow to evaluate the performance of our web page and analyze the way which user uses it. Its collection enables, though evaluation, to proceed the necessary changes to improve the functionality and web design of our page. Cookies don’t contain personal character information.

The browser could be defined to accept, refuse and delete cookies. When you configure it in order to accept it, visiting our page, we consider you’d accept it.